How Often Should you Change Oil and Why?

Have you ever wondered how often should you change oil in your car? Often times our mechanic services a car that has never had an oil change or never adhered to the manufacturer recommended oil change intervals. Now, you have to keep in mind that ever car is different, the oil change interval of a Mercedes Benz would differ from that of a Hyundai Sonata. It should also be mentioned that a lot of advertisements bombard the consumer with misinformation stating that oil change should be done every 3000km but this is far from true today. This used to be true back in 70s when the oil was of a lower quality; today all lubricants are built to endure much more than 3000km under ideal driving conditions. While changing oil as frequently as 3000KM may seem good for your engine but it isn’t good for your wallet. You’re spending money that you probably shouldn’t have anyway.

 But what are adverse conditions? 

We mention that when driving in ideal conditions you needn’t change the oil as often but what if you drive in not so idea conditions and what are these adverse conditions wherein oil change must occur more often than that of a normal interval? If your typical commute consists of stop and go traffic or idling over a long period of time; driving in conditions below -12C or 32C and higher, towing or hauling heavy load then you just driving in adverse conditions and may need to change oil more than often.

What happens if you don’t change oil in your car?

The purpose of oil is keep all the moving parts lubricated and functioning normally in an engine, but as you drive more and more grunge builds up and is collected by the oil. It gets filthier as time goes by and no longer lubricates as its supposed to, thereby defeating its purpose in the first place.  If an engine isn’t lubricated enough it will damage to the engine and degrade performance in long term.

Do you know when to change oil?

Just like we mentioned earlier, every car is different and has a different oil change interval recommended by the manufacturer, sometimes people forget this number and go on longer than the recommended interval thereby causing damage to the engine or change it rather too often which in turn adversely affects your pocket. Luckily, there is a nifty little tool available called “Check Your Number” However, you must keep in mind that these are manufacturer recommended oil change intervals and your driving conditions also do come into play when changing your oil.