What Happens when your Car Gets Detailed

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Most of our customers often wonder, what happens when a car gets brought in – what process does it go through when the car gets detailed. In this blog post we try to break down the entire process. A typical vehicle takes about 4 hours to get detailed.

When we buy a car or it gets traded in, our trained detailer – Stu – does a quick visual inspection of the vehicle to make sure nothing is out of place and the condition of the body is perfect. Once this inspection is complete, the vehicle is then prepared for a full degrease of wheel wells, engine and doors. The process of degreasing removes excess grease from these certain parts which often get greasy quickly. Degreasing helps improving the longevity of these parts and keeping them working to their prime.

After the degrease is done, Stu then proceeds to Acid Clean the wheels, this brings the rims to their original sparkly colour, therefore improving the look of the vehicle. The vehicle is then given a quick wash and is clay bared At this point the car already looks great from the outside.  He then pulls the vehicle into the detail bay to work on the interior, the interior is prepared with a wipe across the vinyl and is shampooed thoroughly, this ensures all stains (if any) are removed, Stu then moves on to dressing the vinyls and plastic. At this point the interior of the car smells fresh and resembles that of a brand new car. The windows are then cleaned and the vehicle is set off site to our partners that help us with the polishing and waxing of the body and interior.

The car looks brand new, smells like pine tree and is ready to be sold. We at Legacy Auto only sell you cars that we are proud of, our rigorous detail procedure of vehicles is one such way we show that we care about our customers and we are only satisfied when you are.