5 features our Customers Want in Their Cars

When buying a car, a lot of people ask for various different features. We list some of those most asked for features in this post.

#5 Cruise Control

Why People want it? I guess it comes down to the phrase “Set it and Forget it”. Imagine driving on a long highway and having to keep your foot constantly on the gas pedal. It quickly gets mundane, monotonous and tiring. Thus cruise control.

#4 Nav System

Navigation Systems are convenient especially with roads under construction every time you drive by. The map of the road is changing, with Nav Systems you’ll never get lost again and save the data on your phone and battery too. Nav Systems just become a must when you’re travelling a lot and love those spontaneous road trips.

#3 Automatic Transmission

This is one of the most requested features on all our cars, standard transmission gets cumbersome when stuck in rush hour traffic during your daily commute to work. Automatic Transmission makes it all but a breeze.

#2 Third Row Seats

A lot of our customers are parents and there is one other thing parents look after the safety rating of the car, and that is third row seats. Third Row seats are practical and just make sense. Looking forward, third row seats provide space for the family, when not in use they fold to make space for cargo. So why not?

#1 4WD

It just makes sense, a lot of our customers are people who build Canada, and by that we mean, customers who are into construction or just need hard rugged vehicles to get to tough work sites. 4WD makes the job so much easier and when thinking of 4WD on the SUVs – also what a lot of people want, is for trail riding and exploring the not so urban places of North America.